Uber Eats: Food Delivery App Reviews

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Its good but

A lot of problems verifying my payment method I had to text support to fix it

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The guy keeps circling around our street then drives off after he sees us smh

Does not support areas Im in.

Unfortunately Ive had this app a few months now and havent yet been able to try UberEATS out because Im always a little ways outside of their delivery path, so far in Charlotte, Washington DC and Chicago. I travel for work so these are mostly airport hotels I stay at and I have to say that Im pretty baffled that UberEATS does not cater to these places. Oh well, maybe in the future! Meanwhile there are other app that deliver to where I stay.

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Hungry? Get $5 off your first order on #UberEATS with my code: eats-nataliaz627ue Its an awesome app. Perfect for late night stonaaaaa munchies, havent had a problem at all

Delays, bad customer service, no lunch!

Im starving... I decided to use ubereats to get lunch today and the app continued to push back the delivery time almost an hour past the original estimate! They decided not to charge me but that means I will not be eating any lunch today. Im so disappointed and to top it off the customer service representative just said how sorry she was... really? An apology is really not enough for a good app customer who will not eat today

Add more locations

Wesley Chapel is growing fast! Add more restaurants and a wider span please!


There are so many restaurants on this app! Although the delivery fees can be a bit pricey, its convenient when you absolutely have to order delivery. The app is super easy to use, though!

So convenient.

Ive been with my wife at the hospital following her neck surgery and its been so helpful being able to ate every day without leaving her.

Awesome service

Great app first time enjoyed my food in a decent t me


Customer service is a joke and so is elevation burger in plainview.

An honest review

I like this app has my favorite restaurants and the fee isnt that much, people that bring my food is always nice. I have to work at home often so sometimes this helps me a lot.

Love it

Best app ever

Love it

Easy and fast

Best Solution for Food Delivery, Ever

This is a huge idea. I hope more and more restaurants join this app.

Loving it!

Uber does it again! Top-notch!

Uber Eats

Best way to get the food I want delivered to me!

Excellent App & Service

UberEATS app is easy to use, & my food orders are promptly delivered. I also like the ability to add a tip "after" the delivery.

Super easy and fast!

I love it its super easy and fast to work with!!

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